Because we think that the difference is in PROFESSIONAL SERVICE,

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Why is Lowpost the BEST?

First of all, QUALITY

  • The best Spanish author base
    Unlike other platforms, at Lowpost (a 100% Spanish company) we have a rigorous administration, training, and supervision process set up for our authors. Constant updating and evaluation of our author database, as well as specialisation in SPANISH content, is one of the main keys to ensuring the QUALITY of our content. Among the reasons that contribute to better results with LowPost is the ability to reliably choose the nationality or the areas of knowledge of the desired author. More than 800 selected authors guarantee that we can meet your needs and that we have access to a world of knowledge and literary skills.
  • Reviewing your orders
    Our Quality Department regularly checks your orders to make sure they fit the required standards so that you get the best result. You will also receive tips for improving your results in future purchases. The ideal post comes from an excellent, concise, and complete design and so it is very important that you dedicate sufficient time to this process
  • Automatic location of suitable authors
    The complex algorithms on which the Lowpost system is based locate all the suitable authors that are available for each piece of work at any given time. Many variables are considered in this process (including your own evaluations), which is essential for a quality result.
  • Double human-correction
    Apart from the more than 25 automatic quality controls and requirements for each order, our double-human correction-system (team of official correctors and the Quality Department), make sure that we meet the requirements of your order, as well as checking for spelling, grammatical, and SEO-content errors.
  • Quality control INCLUDED
    The whole process of content creation is protected by dozens of rules and automatic controls, from the moment you make the order. Our Quality Control Department studies your evaluations and resolves any incidents if they occur. QUALITY is fundamental to Lowpost; it’s not for no reason that our return rate if less than 1.5%.
  • Mark your favourite authors
    After reviewing and evaluating the content you receive, you can mark the authors you like the most as favourites and block any that don’t fit with your company’s style. Our matchmaking and ideal author location algorithms keep these preferences at the forefront.

Freedom and Comfort

  • Free registration, NO FEES
    Registration at Lowpost is completely free and you don’t pay anything until you make your first content purchase. You only pay for the content that you want according to your SEO, branding, or content marketing strategy. Your tax registration number is required for registration so that we can issue invoices. You can also buy our PREMIUM service if you need us to adapt to your style of working. Ask us here.
  • Publicación en Wordpress
    Publica automáticamente todos los contenidos que recibas en Lowpost en tu Wordpress. Ponemos a tu disposición una sencilla gestión de blogs, desde dónde podrás controlar todos los contenidos adquiridos en Lowpost para tus diferentes Clientes y publicarlos automáticamente en la carpeta "borradores" de Wordpress.
  • Importación con Excel
    Con el asistente para Compra avanzada solicitar contenido es mucho más fácil y rápido; procesamos tu calendario editorial en EXCEL.
  • Contenido enriquecido
    Recibe tu contenido ya enriquecido conforme a tus preferencias de  estilo (negritas, cursivas, enlaces, etiquetas) y estructura optimizada para un mejor posicionamiento SEO.

Reliability and Safety

  • Legal Certainty for Intellectual property
    Spanish legislation is very specific on intellectual property and it is essential to follow these rules to the letter in order to avoid later problems or conflicts with the authors that could result in severe intellectual property crimes. At Lowpost, a 100% Spanish company, protecting the rights of the client and the author are enormously important. VERY IMPORTANT: The generic legal agreements of some providers, or their inexistence, can seriously jeopardise your company’s reputation. Work at Lowpost is synonymous with legal certainty, and therefore also with our continued business. Don’t use services that don’t fully comply with current legislation in the country you operate in, or providers that don’t guarantee strict compliance. I want to know more about this.
  • Double anti-plagiarism check
    All of our content go through double checks for plagiarism. We use advanced software that examines every text previously published on the Internet and detects possible matches between them and the text written by our authors. If we find plagiarism we prevent delivery and always punish any proven cases. This means that you avoid any possible SEO penalties because of your content.
  • Editorial calendar
    Planifica todos los trabajos de tu estrategia de marketing de contenidos con nuestro planificador: selecciona las fechas en las que deseas recibir tu contenido y se te enviarán en las primeras horas de ese día. Nuestra fiabilidad es del 99,3% Ponemos a tu disposición dos modalidades de compra: clásica y en lote a través de Excel.
  • Publication-ready texts
    If it isn’t publishable, it isn’t Lowpost Can you imagine what it would be like if everything you received was publishable, having passed exhaustive quality controls? Our objective is to save your business time and money.
  • Imagen sugerida parcial o totalmente libre de derechos
    El Autor sugerirá una imagen total o parcialmente libre de derechos con cada contenido.

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