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This document is divided in 10 sections:

Personal information collected by Lowpost
Test for writers
Use of personal information collected by Lowpost
Personal information settings
Personal data protection (LOPD Act)
Lowpost in social networks
User obligations
Platform security


This Privacy Policy describes the regulations and terms concerning personal data request, collection, processing and use, and applies to all services provided by Lowpost.
www.lowpost.es is an Internet domain run by Lowpost S.L. (B98550114), domiciled in RONDA NARCISO MONTURIOL, Nº6-B-108, 46980 – PATERNA (VALENCIA).
The terms “www.lowpost.es”, “Lowpost”, “lp”, “we”, “us”, “platform”, and “site” used in this Privacy Policy refer to Lowpost S.L.
www.lowpost.es is a platform (hereinafter “the platform”) owned by Lowpost S.L. (hereinafter, Lowpost), that aims at providing companies with original, useful, attractive and high-quality journalistic content, as well as SEO, for their blogs.
Registering in Lowpost and using its services implies acceptance of this Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy may eventually be revised in order to incorporate changes in the current legislation, update our personal data request, collection, processing and use procedures, include new services, or exclude certain others. The changes introduced will be in force after their online publication; therefore, we recommend checking this Privacy Policy regularly to become aware of the changes incorporated.
In order to comply with Spanish legislation and, most specifically, with the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AGPD), we include the following documents published by the AGPD in order to inform users of personal data protection.

Tips for Internet users

Study on the Privacy of Personal Data and on the Security of Information in Social Networks

Data protection fundamental right: A citizen’s guide (only available in Spanish)

In case of questions regarding our Privacy Policy, you can contact us through lopd@lowpost.es
We reserve our right to investigate any type of content that violates this Privacy Policy by means of undue, improper or fraudulent use of the Conditions listed herein.


Customer registration (“I need posts”): In order to register in Lowpost for the first time, you will need to provide the following information:

E-mail address
CIF-NIF (tax ID number)
Later on, using your user profile, you may include more data and select a profile picture. To order and purchase posts, you will need to provide the invoicing details required by law: holder of the invoice, CIF and billing address. To process payment, a credit card number is required (unless you use PayPal).

Writer registration (“I am a writer”): In order to register as a writer in Lowpost for the first time, you will need to provide the following information:

Last name(s)
Academic profile
Fields of expertise
E-mail address

Later on, using your user profile, you may include more data selecting a profile picture, and a contact phone number. In order to receive payments by money transfer for the posts written for Customers, you will need to provide an account number in which payments shall be deposited, as well as any other documents required by law.

Registering at Lowpost implies that you are the account owner and do not pretend to be somebody else. The data provided must be accurate and true. If we detect a false profile or one that goes against this Privacy Policy, we will take the appropriate measures: cancel the profile, block the account and/or inform the relevant authorities.

Likewise, Lowpost pays particular attention to identity and profile theft as a punishable crime (art. 197.1 and 401 of the Spanish Criminal Code); therefore, if we suspect of identity theft, we will verify the user’s identity and, if the offence is confirmed, take the corresponding measures: cancel the profile, block the account and/or inform the relevant authorities. If you know or suspect of a false profile, report it to lopd@lowpost.es.

The user information provided initially will be kept confidential, and will not be accessible by other users, nor indexed through search engines.


After registry, the applicant to Writer will need to complete a compulsory test, in which Lowpost will determine whether to include them in the Lowpost community of Writers. The test is divided in two parts: In the first part, the candidate completes a test on spelling and grammar that also tests the ability to comply with the technical requirements of an ordinary project. If this part is approved, they are asked to write a post as part of the second test; in this case, we evaluate writing quality, style and expression, among other criteria.

Upon successful completion of both tests, the Writer is awarded a grade (RANK) based on test results. From then on, the Writer will be ready to access the projects they have available according to their ranking (RANK).

On the contrary, if the applicant fails the tests, they will not be able to access the projects available on the platform. Test results will be solely used during the admission process. Lowpost shall not create a profile
of the Writer, and shall not use the results for purposes other than the admission process to the Lowpost community of Writers.


Lowpost shall only use the personal information in compliance with this Privacy Policy, and, in general, will require your permission to use your personal information for purposes other than those stated during registration.

We collect personal information in order to better administer your personal data as a Lowpost user, and to manage your use of the Lowpost services: application, order and purchase, contest and assignation of content and posts.

Lowpost will only use personal information to contact users electronically and keep them updated of products, news, promotions and new releases. You can customize the frequency of notifications from My information. If you opt out of this type of electronic notifications, you may inform us using the electronic address included at the bottom of each communication, compliant to Art. 21.2 of Act 34/2002, from July 11th, regarding information society and e-commerce services.

The personal data indicated in this Privacy Policy may also be used to settle claims, incidents or inappropriate platform uses. By moderating the activity and contents posted in Lowpost, we can analyze personal information and solve issues that may go against the use of Lowpost services, as well as its user fundamental rights.

Lowpost S.L., through its platform, does not sell, rent, share or distribute to third parties any type of information collected from its users. By accepting this Privacy Policy, you acknowledge, agree and accept that Lowpost S.L. may keep and reveal your registration data, and any other type of information provided, if required by applicable law or if, in good faith, we consider that said access, storage or disclosure of data is reasonably necessary in order to: (1) comply with a legal proceeding, including but not limited to, subpoenas to appear in court, orders of a court or other enforceable disclosures; (2) enforce this Privacy Policy or the Terms of Use; (3) respond to claims of infringement of third-party rights; (4) protect the rights, property or safety of Lowpost S.L. staff, users and general public.

Economic information: Lowpost uses the Writers’ banking details to process their payments via bank transfer. Likewise, Lowpost handles payments from Customers via a secure payment system, by means of the REDSYS electronic platform, and PayPal. In both cases, Lowpost will be notified of the successful charge/payment, as well as of any incident registered.


Accessing your profile information: You may access and modify at any time the personal data provided in your registry form, by accessing the My information menu. The changes introduced will be updated right after you confirm them. However, your previous data may residually remain for a while in the system back-up copies.

Account cancellation: The user may, at any time, cancel the Lowpost service and account by sending an e-mail with the subject “CANCELLATION” to lopd@lowpost.es. From that moment, and once the cancellation has been processed, the user will no longer belong to the Lowpost network, and Lowpost will stop handling their data as part of the services offered and described in Chapter IV of this Privacy Policy, except for proceedings pending resolution between the user and Lowpost, as part of the terms agreed upon between both parties, and from which civil, criminal or administrative liabilities may arise.

Privacy configuration: Lowpost does not have different degrees of visibility since it is our business philosophy to protect user interaction, contact and communications (Customer-Customer, Writer-Writer, Customer-Writer).

Inactive accounts or accounts of deceased users: If Lowpost S.L. becomes aware that a user has passed away, we are entitled to block the account without any further activity. In order to cancel the account, as well as all data contained therein, Lowpost S.L. should receive a formal, accredited and sworn notification from a close relative of the deceased user. On the other hand, if Lowpost S.L. detects inactive accounts in which the user has not replied to up to 3 notifications, or there has not been any activity for 45 days, the account will be put on hold until the user establishes some type of contact.


Compliant to the current personal data protection legislation, we inform that the personal data collected through this platform are stored in files that belong to Lowpost S.L., and are used by Lowpost S.L. to administer the personal data of our registered users, as well as their participation in the services offered by Lowpost S.L., which are described in this Privacy Policy.
Likewise, we will use your personal data to send electronic information regarding products, news, promotions and new services offered by Lowpost S.L. Personal data will never be used for purposes other than those included in this clause.

You may exercise your right to access, correct, cancel and/or object through lopd@lowpost.es, including a copy of your ID (DNI, NIE, passport or equivalent) so that we can verify the identity of the person who contacts us (Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13th, on Personal Data Protection (LOPD).


Lowpost is also present in the following social networks: GOOGLE+, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, YOUTUBE and LINKEDIN. Lowpost does not share or in any way distribute personal information of contacts in GOOGLE+ or FACEBOOK, TWITTER followers, or LINKEDIN or YOUTUBE members. Also, as an administrator in all these media, Lowpost applies the appropriate security and privacy settings available. To consult their corresponding privacy policies and terms of use, access the following links:








Users shall:
Respect other users’ rights.
Not send commercial communications using Lowpost, or on its behalf.
Not gather content or information regarding other users, nor access Lowpost in any other way by use of automatic means (e.g. robots).
Not upload viruses or malicious codes.
Not request login information, nor access another user’s account.
Not disturb, intimidate or harass other users.
Not post content that: is hateful, threatening, or pornographic, incites violence; or contains nudity or graphic or gratuitous violence.
Not offer any contest, giveaway, or sweepstakes.
Not use Lowpost for illicit, deceitful, malicious or discriminatory purposes.
Not act in any manner that could disable, overburden or affect Lowpost website proper functioning.
Not facilitate or encourage any violations of this Privacy Policy.
Not include fake personal information in this website, nor open accounts for other people.
Not open more than one personal account.
If the account is blocked due to justified reasons, the user shall not open another one without our previous authorization.
Keep contact information updated and accurate.
Not share the password, let others access the account, nor act in such a way that could threaten the account security, or transfer the account to third parties.
Inform Lowpost administrators (through lopd@lowpost.es) of any incident related to password, account, infringement of data confidentiality, danger or threat to data and
communication security, users attempting to violate this Terms of Use or Privacy Policy, as well as any other incident regarding data security or confidentiality.
We reserve the right to delete or claim the usernames chosen for the accounts if we deem it appropriate (e.g. if the owner of trademark claims that a username is not clearly related to the
user’s real name).
Not disclose third-party personal data without their previous consent.
Not perform actions that go against the secrecy of communications, intellectual or industrial property rights, or other users’ privacy.


Lowpost S.L. applies the necessary measurements of technical, administrative, and organizational nature in order to protect personal information and prevent its loss, improper use, alteration, disclosure and/or theft. All personal data are stored in password-protected and firewalled servers, which can only be accessed by authorized personnel.
Lowpost S.L. does not index users’ data in any search engine, except for the information users choose to make visible to “others” from their profile privacy settings.
As there is not such a thing as perfect and absolute online security, you should ponder the implicit risk of using and sharing personal information in a community or platform, as such information may become public and accessible in the whole Web, and by multiple users throughout the world.
If you notice that some of the personal information posted is used or treated in such a way that infringes the right to intimacy, honor, or the user’s personal image, report the incident at lopd@lowpost.es.


User-Writer: user that will place offers for projects to afterwards write unpublished quality posts for Lowpost.
User-Customer: user that will launch projects for contest for User-Writers, according to their own needs.
RANK: score of the User-Writer that establishes their STATUS inside Lowpost through their activity, work, commitment and third party assessments.
Post: term associated to the context of the web that could referrer to an article, work or publication on the Internet.
Profile visibility or visibility degrees: measure that establishes in which manner a user profile is visible by other users belonging to the community or by others outside it (Internet users). In Lowpost, profiles are not visible and cannot be configured to be so.
Spam e-mail: electronic messages, usually containing advertisement material, that are sent to users without their previous request or consent. In many cases, they are mass e-mailed and having used illicit methods to obtain email addresses and for the sending process.
Identity theft: malicious activity in which one user pretends to be someone else due to different motives, usually with harmful intent towards the impersonated party.
Registered User: natural person that has special rights in a service (or application) on the Internet for identifying themselves in the same by means of an identifier and a password, obtained in the previous register in the service, for free or for payment.
Web User: natural person that browses webpages without needing to identify themselves by means of a username and a password.