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The Topics or formats are saved pre-configurations that streamline ordering your content.
After creating a configuration for a new blog or for your or your client’s account, save it and assign it an easily recognisable name. Once created, it will form part of your list of Topics and you can load it at any later time to make new orders or you can edit it to generate a new Topic, provided you save this modification with a new name. You can save as many Topics as you like and can access them through the My Topics window or at the time of configuring the 1-step order.
Blog content for a Restaurant that has 3 different Topics:
  • Restaurant Azul – Gastronomy
  • Restaurant Azul – Tourism
  • Restaurant Azul – Leisure in the city
All content that you plan hereafter will be published on the selected blog in "draft" status, where you can modify or delete
Make your selection provided the themes you will deal within this Topic
Choose the category appropriate for the content theme that you are going to order. Depending on what you select your post will be written by an author who specialises in that category.
Bear in mind that the Category is related to the theme of the posts and not necessarily with the activity of the company.
Example: if it is a food company and the theme of the post speaks about well-being, the ideal category is Health, Medicine, and Drugs, and not necessarily Gastronomy and Food.
Post length
El numero de palabras especificadas debe ser como minimo 2000 y múltiplo de 25.

Para asegurar la calidad de tu contenido y tu preferencia en la elección del sexo del redactor, te recomendamos que solicites tus pedidos con un mínimo de 7 días.

    Coste adicional para más de cinco keywords.
    En caso de solicitar los Elementos-Meta (más abajo) consideraremos tu primera palabra clave como Meta-Keyword
    Keywords position your content in the search engines and contribute to the SEO of your webpage.
    To get QUALITY content, keep your keywords simple so that their inclusion in the post is natural and coherent.
    Avoid keywords containing more than 5 terms. If you want more than 5 terms, explain it in the General briefing area.
    The authors will complete them with connectors if necessary to make them make sense. You can also specify the way in which the desired keyword should appear in the Post Briefing (step 2 in the checkout process).
    Be careful not to insert keywords with spelling mistakes. Our policy is to keep the keywords exactly as you write them, we assume that is what you want.
    Example of connectors that an author can insert or that you can specify in the Post Briefing: "Houses Rent Madrid" (houses for rent in Madrid).
      (Single words that you don't want to appear in the text)
      Write the words or expressions that you don’t want to TEXTUALLY appear in the post. Lowpost allows you up to five free words. You can choose to refine or expand the explanation of these instructions in the Briefing section. Example: for a blog about sport, avoid terms such as injury, wound, or sprain.
      Choose the most appropriate tone for your post. You’ll be able to broaden this aspect on the briefing (if you’d like an ironic tone, enthusiastic, stark ...)
      Choose the most appropriate tone for your post.
      • Professional and/or technical: specialized audience, complex vocabulary, techicalities.
      • Formal or informative: general audience, standard vocabulary, relatively far from the reader.
      • Fiendly: general audience, conversational vocabulary, apealing to the reader, relaxed and fresh style.
      • Promotional or comercial: general audience, standard vocabulary. The purpose is to announce the product or service.

      Format requirements

      Especifica en este espacio cómo quieres que el Autor inserte las negritas, enlaces, cursivas y etiquetas h2 y h3

      Máx 150 words

      Define in these space how you would like to receive your contents format (bold, italic or links)If you don't want content with format and recieve a plain text, indicate it. On the contrary, if you want the author proposes and implement directly the content format, indicate it too.
      Selecciona si quieres recibir un meta-título y una meta-descripción por cada uno de tus contenidos
      Ten en cuenta que consideraremos tu primera palabra clave como Meta-keyword

      Información general

      In this section we recommend you include any additional information:
      • A brief description of the company. Avoid introducing information such as your telephone number or email.
      • Description of your target audience.
      • Style and focus of the writing. Bear in mind the tone you selected: this will decide how the reader is addressed in the writing.
      Máx 150 words
      Máx 100 words

      Citas y nombres oficiales de leyes y organismos

      Information source

      You may introduce sources of inquiry that you trust in order to complete the description of your Topic. It is not a mandatory field.

        El autor te sugerirá una imagen parcial o totalmente libre de derechos para reforzar tu contenido. Su utilización, o no, no afectará al coste final.
        Alternative headlines to share in social networks
        If you’d like the writer to use idioms from their locality, specify it in the general briefing.
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