How it works

The platform admits two different user profiles: I need posts aims at users in search of original and quality content posts to be published on their own blogs. I am a writer aims at all freelance, fond of literature writers, who would like to generate revenues by writing posts. Click on your profile and start to learn how Lowpost works.
R: If you are just getting started with our article writing services, you will see that there are two ways of registering in the platform: you can either go to the “Register" button that you find under “I need posts” or clicking directly on “Start now”, on the first screen. With this second option, you can create your first content set-up without having to register, although, to proceed and buy articles, you will need to complete your registration.
Our configurator allows you to choose several specific characteristics to customize as much as possible the type of SEO articles you need for your blog. All details of each set-up are automatically saved after you make a purchase, and so you can recover previous set-ups for later uses. That way, you will not have to rewrite all details every time.
During the setting up, you will be able to visualize the price of the post on the right top of the web, and it will automatically update with every change that you make. That way, you will know the price for each single post before start planning. You can rely on Lowpost as your main and safe content provider.
R: Once you have set up the type of SEO content of our posts, the next step is to schedule the deliveries, marking the preferred dates in our calendar, as well as how many posts you need for each day.
If during the configuration you have included several tags (topics for the Writer’s perusal), you will be able to differentiate much better your posts on this planning phase, since you can control the distribution of topics on the selected dates and avoid coincidences among them.
Lowpost will be a great ally, among other SEO tools, in your content marketing strategy, providing you with a quality content flow of diverse topics, elaborated by a wide range of article writing professionals.
In short, each configuration (type of post) will have its own planning; an ideal option to manage several blogs or customer’s accounts. This can be achieved by carrying out several purchase cycles (SET UP + PLAN); a cycle for each type of post.
R: A purchase cycle consists of a setup plus its planning. While making your order, you can request one or several purchase cycles, according to your needs.
Depending on the features of each configuration, and the deadlines established on the plan, the platform will generate a low-cost price that you will be able to visualize on the shopping cart (at the top of the web, next to the notifications icon and user information).
While processing your order, you have at your disposal the provisional price at all times. Our content writing services allow you adapt your requirements to your budget and provide quality posts from excellent freelance writers.
R: When the delivery date comes, you will automatically receive a notification in your email. Just after that, you need to access your Customer account in order to visualise the post and make sure that it meets all the criteria you selected during the setup.
If you are pleased with the result, please validate and assess the post by granting it the number of stars you consider appropriate. The stars awarded show your general level of satisfaction with the post.
Only after validating and positively assessing the post you will be able to download it and start making legal use of ii. The state of the post will change to Finished under My posts. You can either publish it as it is, or modify it at your convenience.
If, on the other hand, you think that the post does not meet objectively your requirements, select the option “Dissatisfied with the post” so we can study the situation and correct all possible mistakes. At this point, you will need to answer a series of questions to help us find the best solution. After receiving your notice, Lowpost Quality Control Department will analyse the case and will open a claim that should be resolved within 24 hours.
Non-validation of a post will mean the non-acceptance of the post; therefore, you will not be able to make legal use of it, either in part or in full.
R: When your post has been validated and assessed, you can download it. The post is now yours. You can start using it as you want and at the time of your convenience. Enjoy this opportunity to nourish your blog with quality posts and position your site ahead of your competitors on the Internet.