How it works

The platform admits two different user profiles: I need posts aims at users in search of original and quality content posts to be published on their own blogs. I am a writer aims at all freelance, fond of literature writers, who would like to generate revenues by writing posts. Click on your profile and start to learn how Lowpost works.
R: If this is your first time using the platform, you need to register to have an account.
You can do this by clicking on "Register (on the top of the Home page and under "I am a writer"). Once you have completed your profile, you will receive a confirmation link in your email to validate your account. You should do it in the moment, to prevent the link from expiring.
When you click on this link, it will redirect you to the area My information so you can add the final details to your profile. Afterwards, you will be guided to the Admission Process for free-lance writers at Lowpost.
R: In order to guarantee the quality of our article writing services, we need to make sure that our free-lance Writers have strong writing skills in the language they are working with.
This process consists of three stages:
The first one is the access test, a series of simple grammar and orthographic exercises that you should complete within 10 minutes. During this activity, you should pay extra attention to all the indications that are given to you.
Once you have passed this, you get to the level test, in which the main goal is to verify and evaluate your drafting skills. You will find this first project under My projects. The exercise consists of writing a trial quality post complying with the required features: topic, tone, words to avoid, extension, keywords, tweets and information sources. This post will not be published or used; its only purpose is to evaluate the skills of the writer. The Quality Control Department will evaluate it and decide the transition to the next stage.
The third and last phase is the Training period. At this point, you will have already your provisional RANK and also access to your first available projects at our content writing services. The goal of this stage is that your incorporation to the platform is successful and that you confirm through your work that the level that has been assigned to you as a Lowpost Writer is suitable for our quality content standards. That way, we can ensure that you have access to adequate offers, and that you receive the necessary feedback and training that will help you improve your RANK.
During this period, all your projects (never more than 10) will undergo a compulsory proofreading by the Lowpost Quality Control Department and its team of proofreaders. In each review, you will receive feedback and tips in the form of training pills, in order to improve aspects of the drafting or the SEO content language that you might have missed.
R: When you are finished with your Training period, you will obtain your RANK as Lowpost Writer. The higher the RANK, the more and better projects you will have access to.
Your RANK is not final: it will evolve depending on the Customer’s assessment of your posts, your level of response, the volume of your activity and other linking factors that deserve to be rewarded. To obtain positive assessment, we recommend you to follow the requirements of the Customer before start writing: if they have requested a particular source of information, if explicit preferences have been noted on the briefing section, if they have explained the essence of their business, etcetera. Always bear in mind that Customers buy articles that are used as SEO tools in their content strategy.
There are two ways to be assigned a project:
You can accept the fixed price proposed in the platform by choosing “Buy it out for”. If you do so, the platform will assign the post directly to you. You will need to propose a title to confirm your interest on the project and to write the post afterwards within the established deadline.
Propose your price with the rest of the Writers. Each project is published with a set price. In order to get it, propose a more competitive price inside the deadline of the contest, and it will be assigned to you as long as the platform considers that your option is the best. The price may facilitate you to be among the candidates, but to place the final assignment; the RANK and the category are decisive. In this process, the platform will always benefit those Writers who are more participatory and provide the best quality content.
R: In your personal area, you will have at your disposal all the information about your projects, the characteristics of the SEO articles to be written, the requirements of the client and the delivery dates.
You can manage your writing time as it suits you, deciding when and which topics you would prefer to work with. We only expect commitment from you to offer a quality service, with absolute punctuality and fast response to possible claims or requirements from the QC Department.
Never dismiss a deadline and keep track actively of the state of your posts, even after the delivery since they may require urgent corrections. Make your best to deliver a quality project well finished and that way you will avoid claims or penalties.
R: Consolidate all your projects under a single monthly payment in order to reduce billing costs and have more time to devote to your writing. To start receiving your payments, please fill in all the banking data requested under My information (or your PayPal details if you prefer).
You can always access My charges and check the list of pending payments of completed projects.
Once at the end of each month you will receive a notice informing you that it is the best moment to generate your settlement. You may then access My charges to confirm those projects with a Finished state (delivered and validated) by clicking on “Generate settlement”. You can also obtain your invoice for your convenience.
Lowpost will receive your invoice with copy to your email and will make the corresponding deposit during the payment period of each month.
R: Lowpost, as a quality content provider, values your work and commitment as a Writer, and this is directly reflected on your RANK.
Your RANK evolves depending on the quality of your posts, your replies to notifications, your level of interaction within the platform and your respect towards the platform rules. If you do a good job from the beginning, your RANK will increase, your Writer STATUS will keep improving and you will have access to more and better offers and privileges as you grow in Lowpost.
Becoming a PRO Writer (with a RANK equal or greater than 80) frees you from compulsory corrections of your projects. Besides, you may apply to become MASTER, which means a greater connection with the platform, a greater volume of work, access to urgent projects and the chance to become a Lowpost Corrector and working also with corrections projects. Grow with Lowpost!